Community Collaboration


As a collaborator and lead strategist, CCP works with entire communities – including schools, local governments, philanthropy, and higher education institutions to assess, align and marshal resources to provide an entire range of academic and non-academic services and supports needed to elevate classroom and student performance. CCP also serves as a community convener in building and facilitating cross-sector governance models and developing community and stakeholder support. 


What it looks like in your community: CCP can help convene a common table around which every municipal and community partner can come together on a regular basis to strategize various facets of a comprehensive, coordinated system of supports, and to chart its progress, in a spirit of consensus. In CCP-led communities, the cross sector leadership meets on a regular basis. Senior aides to the Mayor, County Executive and School Superintendent, and often those officials themselves, attend, as do representatives from the teacher’s union, philanthropic and other community-based organizations, and local businesses, among many others.